Institute Contributors

Jon Filarsky2Jon Filarsky
Land Specialist
Weiss Realty

Jon Filarsky grew up in a rural setting and found a passion for the outdoors at an early age. He also spent many summers working on his Grandfather’s seed corn farm. Throughout his life he has carried on his passion for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Jon is also a veteran of two deployments to Iraq with the US Army and is proud of his service to this great nation.

caleb mcdow2

Caleb McDow
Crosby and Associates, Inc

Caleb McDow is a member of Crosby & Associates, Inc in Winter Haven, FL. Caleb is originally from Shelby County, AL, and attended college at Auburn University graduating in May of 2003. After graduation, Caleb spent 9 years in the US Navy flying the F/A-18F Super Hornet and was stationed in Japan, California and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He continues to serve in the US Navy Reserve. Caleb’s current specialty is with agricultural land in Florida, focusing primarily in the north and north central regions.

Morris, G. Kent Camo

G. Kent Morris, ALC
Land Broker & Registered Forester
Waddell Land Co., LLC

G. Kent Morris, Accredited Land Consultant, is a Land Broker and Registered Forester with over 3 decades of experience related to assets management, people management, real estate and forestry. He took his passion for land and turned his professional sights into helping others buy and sell land as a REALTOR®. He loves to help people achieve their goal of land ownership.

Worrell, Luke

Luke Worrell, ALC
Real Estate Broker
Worrell-Leka Land Services

Luke Worrell is a Broker, Accredited Land Consultant and Accredited Farm Manager in Jacksonville, IL.  He specializes in agricultural real estate and land management in west central IL.  Luke enjoys all things sports and traveling.  He resides in Springfield, IL with his wife Allison and son Kale.


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