ALC Designation

Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) aren’t just land sales professionals, they are the most accomplished, the most experienced, and the highest performing land sales experts. Achieving the ALC designation isn’t easy. It requires successful completion of a rigorous education program and a proven track record of transaction performance. It also requires a commitment to professional growth.

When a land sales professional becomes an Accredited Land Consultant, that individual gains access to a unique group of real estate specialists who work together to build and share knowledge, develop trusted relationships, and expand business opportunities.

Land sales professionals who aspire to be the best aspire to achieve the ALC Designation.

“I continue to create productive business relationships with other RLI members across the state. The RLI courses have more than paid for themselves over time, and my website,, is getting more hits daily with my new [ALC] accreditation! Thanks RLI!”
—Christina Asbury ALC, Exit Homeplace Realty


“The education I have received as a member of RLI is empowering. It could take a person 10 to 15 years to learn what I have learned through this curriculum.”

—Igor Peric Carolina Farms & Homes


“My membership in RLI and my CCIM certification have educated me in the financial aspects of land brokerage. [Becoming an ALC] has given me the opportunity to complete several large land development transactions along with industrial and office properties during the past few years of business.”
—Christina Kurtz-Clark, ALC, Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic Property


“After seeing an ad for RLI and recognizing the value of having the ALC designation, I made it my commitment to work hard to have the honor of being recognized as an Accredited Land Consultant.”
—Patti Maechler ALC, RE/MAX Steeplechase Properties

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